Why is ERPNext #1?

As per Gartner ERPNext in TOP 5  ERP systems for user friendliness 3 years in a row (2017, 2018, 2019). Everyone that has used ERPNext love it. Even those that move from Oracle Net Suite. That is as per our customer that recently moved to ERPNext. 

Read our top 6 reasons why we love ERPNext.

Reason 1 : Easy to Use

Gartner has rated ERPNext at the top of user recommended & user friendliness system

Reason 2 : Get Excellent Support

You have the choice of community, partner or support from Frappe. You have choice.

Reason 3: You Save Money

ERPNext is 5X cheaper than NetSuite, 10X cheaper than SAP or Other leading ERP Vendors. For the same features.

Reason 4 : Your data is : Yours

Back up your data, on S3, Dropbox or Google Cloud. The choice of how, when, where is yours.

Reason 5 : New Features

ERPNext gets added new features and bug fixes every week. This makes software current.

Reason 6 : Open Source

Open Source software now powers Google, Amazon, Microsoft & Android phones. So does your business.

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World’s top companies run ERPNext

source: erpnext.com

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