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Our team of qualified ERPNext & data engineers can help your business at any stage of it’s growth.

Photo of Deepak Pai

Deepak Pai



Believes Free and Open Source is the best choice for the enterprise. Experienced in Finance, Supply Chain and Data.

Photo of Rajesh Bharate

Rajesh Bharate

VP, Marketing


Grynn is lucky to have among the top marketing mind on our team. Secret of his success is insight, empathy and persuasiveness.

Photo of Pankaj S

Pankaj S

Data Engineer


Pankaj has build data warehouses for customers such as USTA and several e-commerce stores and banks.

Photo of Rashmi A

Rashmi A

SME : Accounting


Rashmi brings decades of subject matter expertise on accounting and practice for SMEs.

Photo of Bradley Dam

Early adopter of ERPNext, Bradley believes ERPNext delivers better UX/UI and is feature rich.

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