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Looking for Enterprise Level ERP deployment?


Grynn specializes in digital strategy, execution and ERPNext deployments!

Increase profitability through pricing!

Can CRM help improve your profitability?

With 1000s of SKUs, 40 employees, 24X7 operations & 100s of quotations to prepare,  could digitization help V3 Technologies bring them back on the path of profitable growth.

Licensing costs bleed companies!

Can Open Source ERP software (ERPNext) help?

Learn how we continuously deploy ERPNext and help companies  save money on Licensing.  But not only on licensing. We minimize customization and maximize configuration.  

Umbrella : ERPNext + DevOps

Can we find an easy way to deploy ERPNext?

We retrofitted devops tools to deploy & manage our ERPNext environment. Perhaps you could deploy one of our template ERPNext  deployments?

Need an ERP for chemical industry!

Could ERPNext be configured to meet the needs?

We helped a Chennai based chemical company  deploy ERPNext in s multi company architecture. And  added a SaaS consolidation on top!

Corporate Travel app!

Can we find a space in this crowded market?

We built a budget back-office tool to connect Travel agents & event hosts with their boutique clients! From conception to delivery in record time of under 2 months!

Your success story

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We are proud to advertise successful deployments of ERPNext.

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Customer Testimonials

Machining business is highly competitive. New entrants are constantly trying to persuade our customers away.

Using the CRM module gave us a methodical way to learn why / how to price for retention.

We cannot live without ERPNext & our partnership with Grynn for our digital strategy.

Sridhar A.

CEO, Co-Owner, V3 Technologies

I was referred to Deepak (at Grynn) by my best friend. She told me to just "talk to him, once".

In 30 min of walking through what my agency did with out corporate clients, he understood the back office challenges & came back with smart solutions.

He makes it look so easy! Highly recommended!

Paula M.

CEO, Owner, Travel Agency, South Africa

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Grynn GmbH - Go digital!

Grynn GmbH is the go to company for digital transformation strategy and execution, catering towards the mid market & the enterprise segment.

Founded in 2017 by Deepak Pai in order to help F500 companies with their digital transformation journey.  He has 2 decades of IT and Finance.

He is a graduate of St. Gallen MBA Program and alumnus of MIT Manipal. He is an advocate of using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

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