Want to reach more customers and grow your revenue?

Digital Marketing offers several options to help your grow your business. Top ones being Google, LinkedIn & Facebook. Talk to us to find out how we can help you.

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Don't Know Where To Start With Digital Marketing?

Fix your website? Or fix your digital marketing? Or automate sales process? When it comes to digital it’s often difficult to know where to start...

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Get 5x to 10x Return on your Ad Spend (RoAs)

Through digital marketing can create generate rapid growth for your business.

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Return on Ad Spend (RoAs)

Get 5x to 10x on your RoAs. We will help you identify keywords & land customers.

Run 1 or multiple campaigns

We can setup and monitor multiple campaigns on Google, LinkedIn or Facebook for you.

Omni Channel Marketing

With the right tools we can help you track your customers across multiple channels.

Certified Resources

We only have certified and experiened resources that manage ~100k USD in Ad Spends every month

Enhance your customer UX/UI

Combining digital consulting with digital agency services for a holistic digital customer experience.

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Digital Campaigns & Marketing

Where an amazing website and app will convert and grow your customers — digital campaigns (PPC) will help you find the right customers and tell them your story in the first place.

Customer Journey Design

We help you visualise the journey your customers take from Design to Discovery to Deliberation to Decision to Delivery to Devotion. We cover every step!

Conversion Optimisation

The heart of our model is Conversion Optimisation across every step of the customer journey. Doing this right creates a perpetual growth engine.

Social Media Marketing

SMM helps to increase brand awareness and broaden customer reach. We understand social media growth and follow a successful social strategy to enhance your presence & drive sales/leads from social media.

Data & Analytics

Informing our Conversion Optimisation (at every step) is the right data and Experience Analytics. We work with you to ensure everything that matters is measured.

Online Reputation Management

ORM helps to drive public opinion about a business, its products, and services. Our expert digital marketers follow unique techniques to maintain positive brand identity in the eyes of your customers.

Don't Know How To Get Started With Tracking?

Let us help you set up tracking and collecting data to gain insights and make data driven decisions.

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Best Practices from Grynn's Digital Marketing Team

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We use these top FREE tools we use to research keywords...

Want To Get Results In Under 30 Days?

Return on ad spending is an important metric and you need an expert to setup, monitor and optimize your paid campaigns.

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Why choose Grynn?

Phone: 0041 79 227 1355

Client Testimonials

Photo of Brendon O.

Brendon O.

Rajesh has worked with us since 2018 and view him as our true partner. The team is delivering great outcomes (ROAS) for our campaigns. We always value their honest and balanced recommendations and have seen great results (Approx 10X), which the team continue to learn and improve upon for each successive campaign

CMO, iHealthFullfillment Inc. USA
Photo of Sridhar A.

Sridhar A.

Grynn helped us with streamlining our order to cash (O2C) process and request to pay processes (R2P).

Director, V3 Technologies
Photo of Marek Z.

Marek Z.

Grynn’s work with Data is phenomenal. They helped us migrate from current ERP system to ERPNext in ~8 weeks with 10 yrs of data.

CEO, Weldplast s. r. o.
Photo of Borbara V.

Borbara V.

Solid consulting from the start. We are happy to have partnered with Grynn.

International Markets Manager, AlisTech s. r. o

Grynn in numbers...

We generate revenue 1M USD per month for our customers
We manage ad spend of USD 100k per month (Google)
We manage 19+ ERPNext sites on AWS & bare metal
We sign up 3 new clients a week on our hosted platform
We have IPMA (Switzerland) certified project managers
KNIME, AWS, Linux certified data & cloud engineers
We are partners with AWS & KNIME
Our experience building BI solutions started in 2005

We host 19+ ERPNext sites and currently run digital marketing for 7+ international brands generating USD 1 Million revenue per month and manage USD 100k in Google Ad spend.


The founders have been working in Supply Chain & IT for decades. So we have the talent stack, experience & the maturity needed to make your projects successful.


Our team has an average of over 10+ years of industry experience in companies such as Unilever, Ecolab, Takeda, Bank of America.


Open and honest communication is among our first principles to winning new customers and keeping old customers.


We empathise with customer's requirements & help build successful products & services. With empathy collaboration is easier.


We develop using Agile methodology which helps customers change directions or requirements frequently & adapt to new realities.

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