Leverage your organization's data & turn it into cash.

We use Free and Open Source tools for BI. Talk to us to findout more.

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ETL is central to Business Intelligence

Start your Business Intelligence journey with Grynn

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Use open source extractors to extract data from 120 different sources.

Build Data Lakes

Build and maintain data lakes on Google, Azure or AWS.

Transform & build data marts

We clean and transfor data with KNIME and build data marts for your needs.

Synchronize & Integrate

Connect different systems with API and synchronize data in real time.


We help you build Power BI, Tableau reports.


Let your users explore structured data.

Advanced Business Intelligence

Get more out of your data by adding machine learning. Again, we use Free and Open Source (FOSS) frameworks to develop and deploy ML models.

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Linear Regression

Given historic home sales data, predict sales prices of future sales.

Logistic Regression

Given your current churn data, predict who is likely to leave & prevent it.

Auto Classification

Group products based on usage, customer preferences etc.

Time series forecasting

Given historic data & related information predict demand for your products, cash flow, revenues etc.

Why choose Grynn?

Phone: 0041 79 227 1355
We generate revenue 1M USD per month for our customers
We manage ad spend of USD 100k per month (Google)
We manage 19+ ERPNext sites on AWS & bare metal
We sign up 3 new clients a week on our hosted platform
We have IPMA (Switzerland) certified project managers
KNIME, AWS, Linux certified data & cloud engineers
We are partners with AWS & KNIME
Our experience building BI solutions started in 2005

We host 19+ ERPNext sites and currently run digital marketing for 7+ international brands generating USD 1 Million revenue per month and manage USD 100k in Google Ad spend.


The founders have been working in Supply Chain & IT for decades. So we have the talent stack, experience & the maturity needed to make your projects successful.


Our team has an average of over 10+ years of industry experience in companies such as Unilever, Ecolab, Takeda, Bank of America.


Open and honest communication is among our first principles to winning new customers and keeping old customers.


We empathise with customer's requirements & help build successful products & services. With empathy collaboration is easier.


We develop using Agile methodology which helps customers change directions or requirements frequently & adapt to new realities.

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