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How to get ERPNext in Austria?

There is a growing concern on data privacy & security of information related to users. Therefore there is  a need for localized hosting in Europe or sometimes on-premise. Further, when it comes to ERP systems Austria has its own unique requirements for language, business processes and a desire to participate in a community led, open source software systems.

Therefore, we offer ERPNext in various hosting, in different languages including German. Most importantly there is a hosting type that suits your budget.

Public Cloud

On Google (GCP) or Microsoft (Azure)


For companies with sensitive data or want control such as Family Offices)

ERPNext as SaaS

Hosted in Europe [in Paris]


Solid hosting provided by Frappe (the company behind ERPNext) and hosted on AWS

All hosting options come with the same features

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ERPNext is for every kind of business

Every business is different and has different requirements. But invariably, all businesses end up buying, have something to sell & hopefully have a lot of customers to satisfy. 

Therefore ERPNext is a great choice for every kind of business. It comes with all the features you will ever need. It sets you free from licensing decisions, plugins and other cumbersome integrations.

You can start using ERPNext from day-one. All modules are included and works out-of-the-box.

Manage Customers

Get your leads, opportunities, quotes and all related communications in one system.


Whether you have continuous manufacturing (textile, oil refining) process or batch manufacturing, ERPNext has your needs covered.

Manage Suppliers

COVID-19 crisis has shown good supplier relationships are important. Manage it well.

Projects & Services

Managing projects and billing them is very critical to your success. Track  your project billing, expenses and profitability.

Stock and Inventory

Knowing your stock levels, goods in transit and arrival time can be assuring to your customers.


Supporting your customers is a critical element in retaining customers. Tracking their issues & getting a resolution can be critical.

Why is ERPNext Popular in Austria?

ERPNext embodies all the values that the Austrian people cherish such as

  • Spirit of community & warmth (gemütlichkeit)
  • Cooperation with compatriots
  • Formality

ERPNext is :

  • Feature rich & excellent Alternative to Oracle Net-suite & SAP
  • Choice of on-premise or cloud based model
  • Works for a team of 5 or 500 users
  • Everything can be customized
  • All features are open source
  • No vendor lock-in and 100% freedom
  • Secure, Stable and Simple to use
  • “Everything Just Works” out of the box

World’s top companies run ERPNext


ERPNext comes with several integrations

Integrate ERPNext with any 3rd party application or service using REST API that helps your business take-off faster.


Over ~50,000 companies across the world are growing their business with ERPNext

“ERPNext is a blessing to us, especially during COVID-19 lockdown. In-spite not being in the office, we can pay bills, pay our employees and follow up with our customers”

Rashmi A.
V3 Technologies

“ERPNext is a blessing to us, especially during COVID-19 lockdown. In-spite not being in the office, we can pay bills, pay our employees and follow up with our customers”

Rashmi A.
V3 Technologies

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Lets speak about Customization

Every business is different and has unique challenges. Hence, an ERP system should be ready to meet your current needs and be flexible for your future requirements. 

Therefore being able to use the ERP system out-of-the-box today & to customize it in the future should be equally available. You should not have to choose between current and the future.

With this in mind ERPNext sets you free from licensing and other cumbersome decision points. You can start today using it out of the box and customize it in the future. Or you can start customizing it today. It gives you what is already yours.

Your freedom of choice. 100% Free and Open Source.


You can control a majority of features using settings such as financial years, price lists & session defaults.


Item and accounting together is the heart of ERPNext. These can be completely configured.

Custom Fields & Forms

You can add as many custom fields as you want, such as sections, lists, image uploads & child tables.

Custom Scripts

You can trigger changes to documents when forms or loaded or saved. You can do so much with the incredibly powerful Custom Scripts.


Pre-built integrations to PayPal, Razor Pay, Amazon S3, Dropbox, G-Suite gets your e-commerce, payments and backups sorted out right away


Powerful yet simple to use REST API from ERPNext makes ~800 API end points.  The possibilities are infinite and easy to get started.

FAQs about ERPNext for Austria

Do we support multi-currency?

Yes, ERPNext is

– multi currency

– multi-lingual

– multi-company

Can I customize translations?

Yes, you can customize translations of text.

Do we support DATEV?

ERPNext comes with full double bookkeeping accounting. We have integration to Billomat where we can transfer all the invoices, and you can get the DATEV exports you need.

Talk to us or schedule a call on how we achieve this.  

Can ERPNext handle custom VAT / MWST requirements?

Yes, you can create taxation rules as per your requirements of compliance and business

Do you offer support in German?

At the moment we offer support in English. ERPNext is multi-lingual so your employees can see all the interfaces in the language of their choice. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ERPNext secure?

ERPNext is configured to use HTTPS and uses the industry best practices for storing and retrieval of data.

Can ERPNext handle timesheets?

Yes, ERPNext has a complete project management module with time sheets, expenses and billing integrated with accounting

Can ERPNext handle Swiss VAT?

ERPNext comes pre-configured with Taxes / MWST upon installation. Further you can customize or change it as per your needs.

Do I need an ERP System?

Any business that buys and sells (trade) or into project / services business can benefit from using an ERP system. Every business performs activities that are common such as employ people, buy products & consumables, keep accounts and collect invoices. Further some might trade in goods and some might manufacture or procure those from a 3rd party. To track all these activities an ERP system can be invaluable as it helps keep the integrity of your business at all times.

Is CRM available in ERPNext

A fully function CRM is available in ERPNext and you can manage your leads, opportunities and contacts from here. You can also create quotations and sales order from the CRM module. The CRM module is fully integrated into Sales, Accounting and further downstream into manufacturing and inventory.

How can I customize ERPNext?

ERPNext can be configured and customized as per your business flow such as purchasing, selling and managing inventory. You can create your own forms, you can create your own fields, and further you can write scripts to change the behavior of the software.

What is open source ERP system?

A program is “free software” if the program’s users have the four essential freedoms:

  1. The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose.
  2. The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish. Access to the source code is a precondition for this.
  3. The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor.
  4. The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others. By doing this you can give the whole community a chance to benefit from your changes. Access to the source code is a precondition for this.

If software is licensed in a way that does not provide these 4 freedoms, then it is categorized as nonfree or proprietary.

ERPNext is an example FREE and Open Source Software (FOSS).

What can I do with ERPNext?

You manage most aspects of your business such as buying, selling, tracking leads and managing inventory with ERPNext

How to sign-up?

  • How to register your company?
  • How to create customers?
  • How to create suppliers?
  • How to create items?

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