Can’t beat Free

ERPNext is a FREE and Open Source Software. If I had to choose between free and pricey software, I would pick Free and Open Source systems any given day. But that being said, it has to be also a great piece of software in terms of usability.


If the price is a concern, then an Open Source solution is always competitively ahead. ERPNext also has hosted solutions from the makers.

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While Odoo has a lot of the small businesses, ERPNext is gaining ground on SAP & NetSuite Oracle. I normally don’t compare ERPNext with Zoho or Odoo. Odoo and Zoho have so many modules and prices and features it is hard to understand what you are getting and what not. And each module you add you are not sure if it really meets your requirements. It is confusing and a horrible path to purchase. ERPNext on the other hand, swipe your credit card and you get 100% of it. Use what you want.


ERPNext has now opened its doors to partnerships and there is a growing network of competent partners. So whether it is self implemented or with help of partners, ERPNext can deliver outcomes.